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AstrologyPosted by Helle Sun, June 26, 2016 09:40:48


June 23, 2016 was a historic day when the British voters decided to leave the European Union. The news shocked the world and we are all wondering what will happen next.

I have called it a midlife crisis for very clear reasons - it was 43 years ago that Britain, as well as Ireland and Denmark, joined the EU and now, transiting Uranus is opposing natal Uranus for that chart - the classic midlife crisis. (I am Danish, although I now live in the US, but I feel this deeply and I am using the pronoun “we” as I very much identify with this situation.)

Here is the chart for when Great Britain officially became a member of the EU at midnight January 1, 1973 in Brussels.

When you first look at this chart, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the northern hemisphere emphasis - just about everything is at the bottom of the chart! Wow! Look at the idealism, the focus on freedom and growth and expansion with FIVE planets in Sagittarius. And up in the 9th house, Saturn hovers over all those planets, imposing his restrictions and his heavy hand on all those dreams, needs and desires for freedom - perhaps trying to temper the idealism with realism. The time of this referendum is also the time of a Saturn Saturn opposition. Reality check! How are we doing? Are things measuring up to what you dreamed of and hoped for? Clearly, this was not the case.

But let’s take a quick look at the details of this chart. Virgo is rising, but only by a hair. This addition to the Union is cautious and discriminating, taking everything slowly and methodically. I do believe we, especially the British and the Danes, are “famous” for saying no to a lot of EU-initiatives, inc. the Euro. We like our boundaries and it is obvious that the recent rush of refugees into Europe and Britain was an important factor. Boundaries and rules were not respected and Virgo does not appreciate that.

The very strong emphasis on Sagittarius shows the needs, the desire and drive and the dreams for freedom, for expansion, for growing and becoming more, more than we were by ourselves. We have strong opinions and we are just so motivated and emotional about those opinions - you see the very tight Moon Mars conjunction. We simply NEED to be acknowledged for our opinions - and perhaps we didn’t feel heard in the EU? Our needs were simply not met? We might be a bit unrealistic and not see things they way they really are with Neptune in the mix. The Venus Mercury conjunction is a bit wide, but it is again emphasizing the idealism. All of this is opposed by Saturn in the 9th house, putting a dampener on the idealism, the freedom - constantly measuring it against reality.

We see the Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house conjunct the North Node and Jupiter. A very strong emphasis on the home front, on our roots, our heritage as our path in life, our reward, our quest - we are not going to give it up - we will not become Europeans - we are British! (Or Danish!). Pluto squares the Sun - the virtual hand grenade under the blanket as Noel Tyl calls that aspect. The strong suppression of our identity, which will, which must blow up at some point. We will take back our power sooner or later. We can only be kept under wraps for so long, and then we will fight back. And the British just did! They fought back against the power of Brussels, wanting once again to be independent.

Let’s turn our attention to the aspects that were in effect at the time of the referendum. As I mentioned, this is the midlife crisis of this chart. Transiting Uranus was squaring natal Uranus - you can’t get any clearer than that! Also, and powerfully so, transiting Pluto is exactly on the North Node! Whatever your point of view is of the Nodes, this has kind of a “fated” flavor, perhaps a soul impetus - a powerful, irreversible change. Whatever happens now, things cannot go back to the way they were. A dramatic shift simply had to occur and combined with the Uranus Uranus opposition, the world’s 5th largest economy revolted and pulled out of the Union!

We see the solar arc Nodes square the Moon Mars conjunction - definitely a time for fated action in response to the emotional needs not being met.

The secondary progressed Moon had just entered Cancer - you can feel the protectionism. And if you have the Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house, you MUST respond to such an impulse. You MUST defend yourself, you must protect your own and you must stay focused on the home front, on your roots, not on the rest of the world. You shine in your own “home”, this is where you revitalize yourself - not as Europeans, but as British citizens. It seems like this is perhaps not such a crazy move after all - this is perhaps just what was needed. What had to happen.

What will happen in the coming months? This was the first hit of the Uranus Uranus opposition - the second hit will be in October and the third hit in March 2017, so this is only the beginning of the story. Will other countries follow suit? Transiting Pluto will make its final hit to the North Node in December 2016 and the solar arc semisquares will be in April of next year, reinforcing the shift. By December 2017, transiting Saturn will cross the IC - a likely time for a final farewell.

For the next installment, I will try to track down the chart for the beginning of the European Union. We cannot forget that this started in response to the devastating WWII (and isn’t it funny that Germany, more than any other country perhaps, is focused on keeping the Union going).